JEE/NEET Students,

Struggling to Recall Key Concepts?

Introducing Salher Trails!

Salher is where your concepts get crystalized! It's the only tool which is solely focused on overcoming the challenge of concept recall. There are over 2000 concepts, reactions, definitions a 12th standard student has to memorize. Practicing just  10 minutes every day, you can effortlessly retain them all. No more cramming or sleepless nights!

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Why Salher Trails?

Remember 2000+ Concepts Easily 

Salher gets out of the way of your regular study routine. Invest just 10 minutes a day into Salher and conquer an expansive terrain of over 2000 concepts, as effortlessly as a mountain breeze.

Optimized Pathway to Maximize Marks

Chapters & concepts are prioritized by weightage based on the questions from previous years examinations to ensure you always take the most impactful route through your learning landscape. 

Every Single Question is based on PYQs

Each question at Salher is a carefully extracted artifact from PYQs (previous year questions), allowing you to tackle the fundamentals effectively.